Get Luminance


Get Luminance has been developed from research and provides an empirical basis for calculating luminance.  Get Luminance measures what is ‘seen’ by a photograph and reflects the conditions experienced by users.  It measures luminance in the prevailing light conditions, (rather than the pure colour with a controlled light source – the basis of most colorimeters). The aim is to:

  • Provide and maintain good luminance contrast to create environments that are easier and safer to use by everyone.
  • Provide a cost effective and easy-to-use tool.
  • Facilitate assessing building compliance in commercial and public buildings and the public realm.
  • Assist designers identify compliant designs during the design process.
  • Support maintenance and asset management of existing assets.
  • Demystify luminance contrast and make it a mainstream concern.

Get Luminance includes the 4 main calculation methods used worldwide:

  • Simple difference
  • Bowman Sapolinski
  • Michelson
  • Proportional difference

Who should use this App? Anyone concerned with safety and amenity in the built environment, such as certifiers/building control, access consultants, architects, designers, contractors, facilities managers, asset managers, disability groups, clients (building owners/tenants/employers etc), you and me.

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